The commitment of the banking sector

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Electric bikes and skateboards

With the aim of facilitating access to sustainable transportation and caring for the environment, Banco de la Nación Argentina has launched a campaign to purchase electric bikes and skateboards, in up to 18 fixed installments, without interest, with credit cards issued by the BNA.

The proposal, which was in effect between last Monday and Tuesday, also included skateboards (electric skateboards), skates, skates and rollers, three-wheeled bicycles, strollers and children’s umbrellas, as well as bicycle helmets and accessories. On the other hand, the BNA Store will also have a proposal on small electrical appliances, which will judge on April 18 and 19; and Línea Blanca´, from the 25th to the 27th of the same month.

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sustainability and climate change

Santander and Cambridge Judge Business School, the global leader in research on sustainability issues, have launched 1,000 educational scholarships on sustainability and climate change. It is aimed at people who wish to be an active part of green initiatives in their work environment, regardless of their sector, or who are looking to redirect their career towards sustainability. Scholarships are available to citizens or residents of 13 countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Peru, United States, United Kingdom and Uruguay).

This 100% online, six-week international program will provide global insight into the environmental problems and challenges we face, such as biodiversity loss, deforestation, renewable energy and the circular economy, and the leadership skills needed for the energy transition through examples and corporate success stories with experience in Implementation of ESG Standards (Environmental, Social and Good Governance)

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Financial education for entrepreneurs

Making the financial knowledge that our human capital can provide to the local community in a clear and democratic way is part of the mission that Banco Hipotecario has set for itself as an organization. This is how he learns and financially includes different sections of society; Meet their needs, answer their doubts, and bring the tools that allow the activation of various citizen empowerment initiatives.

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Federal Ships 2022

Banco Macro, along with IAE Business School’s Center for Entrepreneurship, has introduced for the eighth consecutive year NAVES Federal 2022, its online training program for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses across the country. The objective of NAVES Federal is to enhance the projects of individuals and companies through academic training, accompaniment, mentoring and access to a wide network of contacts, thus realizing the impetus for the social and economic development of each province.

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