The call for scholarships “Incentive for Innovative Management” is open – Ushuaia News

The Science and Technology Secretariat of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology invites applicants from all higher education institutions located in the county who wish to begin formulating work and research projects, to apply for the current call for scholarships “Incentive for Innovative Management”.

These scholarships aim to contribute to the training of trained professionals in the production of scientific knowledge that aims to apply, intervene and transfer it to different areas of our society. They aim to facilitate the initiation of these abilities for students of the natural and exact sciences, social sciences and humanities, engineering and technology.

Likewise, grant holders are expected to develop, over a period of six months, a research and work project based on some new or existing scientific or technical knowledge, and to propose a specific application thereof in the form of a diversion for the Fuegian community, with those approved possibly being part of the A future project supported by the Higher Committee for Science and Technology.

The call includes the delivery of a total of 10 (ten) Innovative Management Motivational Grants. Registration will be open until April 29, 2022 inclusive.

Those interested can write to the mail link[email protected] To request a regulation and the basis and conditions of the call.

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