The application deadline has expired

Chile Scholarships It is a government benefit that the government has suspended due to the health crisis. However, in an interview with Radio Futuro, the Science Minister Flavio Salazar confirmed that “It has already been restored.”

According to the scholarship guidelines, funding is provided so that Chileans and foreigners – who have permanent residence in Chile – can attend Masters or PhDinside and outside the country.

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What are the exclusive requirements for applying?

  • Hold a postgraduate academic degree (in programs of at least eight semesters’ duration) and/or professional title (in positions of at least ten semesters’ duration), or equivalent university studies accreditation in the case of studies conducted abroad.
  • Possess academic excellence with credit for at least one of the following two requirements:
    • Have a bachelor’s degree grade point average, professional title or equivalent that is equal to or greater than five (5.0) out of a maximum of seven (7.0) or its equivalent on a scale from 1 to 7.
    • Be in the top 30% of the undergraduate graduation ranking in relation to the generation of the graduation or degree.
  • Be accepted or be a regular student in a master’s programme.

What do the benefits include?

  • Round-trip tickets to the country of destination for the scholarship recipient, his or her spouse, civil partner, and children.
  • An amount equivalent to the cost of education and registration in the study program.
  • A one-time installation allowance equivalent to 500 US dollars.
  • Annual allowance for books and materials equivalent to 300 US dollars.
  • Annual health allowance for the fellow’s medical insurance, equivalent to US$800.
  • A monthly maintenance allowance for the scholarship recipient during the study program corresponding to the country and city of destination.
  • Monthly alimony allowance for spouse/civil partner, sons and daughters under 18 years of age.
  • Extension of the pre- and post-natal period for scholarship holders up to a total of six months.
  • One return allowance to Chile corresponds to 500 US dollars.
  • An amount equivalent to the cost of obtaining visas for the colleague, spouse or civil partner, and sons and daughters, if applicable.
  • Benefits associated with a placement course in English, German or French

How do I do this procedure?

Those who wish to apply must have:

  • Application form.
  • Biography.
  • A copy of the Chilean identity card or passport.
  • A copy of the academic degree for the bachelor’s degree and/or job title.
  • Bachelor’s degree concentration certificate, with grades of approved and failed subjects, expressed on a scale from 1.0 to 7.0.
  • Undergraduate classification certificate, where the place occupied by the applicant is expressly indicated in relation to the total number of graduates or graduates.
  • Applicants must certify their final undergraduate degree.
  • The app is free.

What is the application deadline?

According to the National Research and Development Agency website, the deadline for sending information is until 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 21.

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