Ten scholarships to help you with your future

Good scholastic performance is of value when choosing a scholarship. Below is a list of options available for undergraduate studies

Are you looking to continue your studies at the university? We know that sometimes it can be a little difficult and/or expensive, but we want to help you. Here we leave you a list of ten scholarships so you can read more about opportunities to study in Panama or abroad.

Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources (Ifarhu): Scholarships for an outstanding position. The Outstanding Place Award is awarded to any student with an average of at least four out of five (4.5). Students with high GPAs will be honored and rewarded for their efforts. In this way they will motivate them to continue their qualifications in the educational system.

Ifarhu presents the General Higher Education Competition for studies in official universities. The aim of the competition is to provide scholarships to students entering their first year of university. They must have graduated from public and private schools of the Republic with a GPA of at least four with five (4.5).

Another option from Ifarhu is estate tax exemption. This donation is directed to low-income students. The scholarship deducts and/or waives tuition fees as well as certain benefits in order to meet the needs required by the student to fulfill the duties of the school and university.

The Department of State offers scholarships in more than 32 countries around the world. Each offer requires an application and a list of country-specific documents. For more information, you can access the full brochure at www.mire.gob.pa/becas.

The Technological University of Panama (UTP) is offering sponsorship scholarships.

There is a list of requirements that every student must fulfill in order to be eligible for a scholarship at UTP. The amount of the scholarship varies with each student. The scholarships are in cooperation with the recipients of the Student Welfare Department.

The OAS has the Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund.

The Rowe Fund is dedicated to helping students from Latin America and the Caribbean that are members of the Organization of American States. The scholarship loan is up to $15,000 and is interest-free to study at any university in the United States.

Deveaux Foundation: Any student in the Republic of Panama can apply for this scholarship. They are hired by call and work for those who wish to study science, technology and engineering jobs at local universities.

Quality Leadership University: 2+2 in-state tuition fee program. This scholarship at QLU allows students to go to the United States and obtain an American diploma at a reduced cost. The scholarship is related to a 2+2 program that consists of two years of study in Panama and two years in the United States.

partial scholarship. The QLU Partial Scholarship encourages students to graduate in their classrooms. If the student is in the top ten, he will also receive a scholarship to study in Panama with an American education.

Florida State University: 2+2 Scholarship. All students from Latin America and the Caribbean are eligible for the FSU 2+2 scholarship. The final two years of college are allowed to be completed at the Tallahassee, Florida campus only if the student meets their grades and other criteria.

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