Teen accepted into 49 colleges, adding over $1,000,000 in scholarship offers

Thompson chose Tuskegee University because she wanted to study animal science and become a veterinarian.

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Mackenzie Thompson, 18, is a high school student in Georgia, She decided to apply to 51 universities to continue her studies, so far she has been accepted into 49 universitiesI’m still waiting to receive a notification from another organization.

In an interview with CNN, Thompson recounts that he did not plan to apply to more than 50 institutions, however, after attending several university fairs and receiving fee waivers, he ended up applying to 51 universities.

“It was a very, very good experience, just to see all your hard work pay off and to see this pile up into a folder.”

“My family is ecstatic. Get 49 admissions and over $1,300,000, they’re like ‘Wow, you get things donecommented.

Thomson She was distinguished by being an outstanding student, and she attributes this to the strict time management she imposes on herselfWithout time management, or knowing how to multitask, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

In the final phase of her high school education, she served as her class president at Westlake College in Atlanta, is also co-leader of the Blue Rain dance team, vice president of PETA (community service organization) and captain of the college baseball team. She is also a member of the National Honor Society and the Honor Society in Dance and Arts.

for this part, School authorities recognize Thompson’s performance, enthusiasm, and dedication, as noted by Ann Hammson Powright, Director of Media Relations for Fulton County Schools, who confirmed student admissions to all 49 colleges and $1.3 million in scholarship offers.

McKenzie dreams of becoming a veterinarian, because she loves animals, so among the institutional options, she chose Tuskegee University where she will study animal science.

She noted that she grew up as an only child, but that her home was filled with dogs, rabbits, fish and other pets “which made me love all animals.”

“I’m excited about a new environment, a new beginning, new people,” she said.

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