Technological and digital training for youth

Technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world: detect fraud, predict behavior or failure, data-driven prediagnosis, pattern recognition… Santander Bank, He has a complete help program to develop this technology skills and improving access to the labor market. This is the goal Santander Tech Scholarships, Which promote programming-based learning to master digital and technological languages ​​such as blockchain, machine learning or the cloud and devops and thus improve the employability of young people in an increasingly demanding and digitally focused world. entity These programs develop in all the markets in which they operate.

For example, it is now open in Spain Universia/Nestlé Intech Foundation Scholarship. This initiative consists of three scholarships, each of €3,000, aimed at university students with disabilities who have a STEM profile (mathematics, statistics, engineering, IoT, computing or the like), which will allow them to improve their digital knowledge to be able to choose for a number of Greater job opportunities after completion of the program. Among the selection criteria, in addition to a disability equal to or greater than 33%, being of legal age, having Spanish citizenship or residency in Spain, English level B1 or higher, or being registered in 2022 in a degree Bachelor’s or Master’s, or degree or graduate in STEM degrees. The registration period ends on June 30th.

The bank also has in our country Santander Technology Scholarships | Santander Unizar Award for Digital Competence TFE, The winners to be selected on the next day 21. They are awards aimed at students of the University of Zaragoza who have passed the TFG or TFM in the year of this award call (2021), from any field of knowledge, with the aim of recognizing the acquisition and development of digital skills. Prizes will go to the best videos presented in this call, for a maximum of three minutes, which will necessarily deal with their work. 30 scholarships in the amounts of 500, 200 and 200 euros will be awarded.

The entity expands scholarship programs in Latin America. Hence, in Chile, you can access the Santander Technology Scholarships / Renewal of Application for the UCHILE Connection Program, open until March 18th. In Mexico, the Santander Technology/Innovation for the Future/BEDU Scholarships can be applied for until March 25; In Argentina, until March 31, Santander Technology Scholarship/Full Stack Developer-ITBA Program; And in Brazil, the Santander Technology Exchanges / Santander Entrepreneurship Training Program 2022, whose registration period ends March 31.

The same is happening in Europe, where the £10,000 Santander Scholarships Tech / Santander Universities is currently available in the UK, until 4 April: or in Poland, Stypendium Rozwojowe Santander / Kompetencje przyszłości UEW, edycja 3, until 4 April. April 4, and Stypendium for Leading Digital Transformation at Santander Tech/MIT through May 1.

Last October, the entity launched one of its most ambitious programmes, in association with MIT Professional Education: Santander Tech / Emerging Technologies Programs by MIT Professional Education Scholarships. These 400 scholarships allow students to choose from five courses designed by MIT professors: digital transformation, machine learning, designing effective solutions with MITdesignX, managing product suites, and managing technology development. Teaching these courses online began last February. It is assigned to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, UK and Uruguay.

In addition, Banco Santander, through the Universia Foundation, has activated the Circular Plan for the second year in a row to enhance digital attitudes. Through this initiative, the Foundation provides an advance payment for training to students, who will return the amount monthly without interest and only if they get a job with a total value of more than 18,000 euros per month.

Through the bootcamp (experiential learning model of learning by doing that aims to acquire practical skills in a period of one to three months), students will develop knowledge in technological areas such as web, mobile, big data, machine learning, Blockchain, Devops or cybersecurity. In its first edition, 71 people benefited, and in this second edition, 150 new places were created.

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