Universities commit to stop abandonment – more content

One of the biggest problems in higher education is desertion, one that has been exacerbated, especially in times of pandemic, despite efforts by universities to keep students in classrooms. According to a recent Educa-Mas report, as a result of Covid-19, more than 39,000 young people have left Higher Education Institutions (IES) in Colombia for economic … Read more

The story of the most heinous murder in Hollywood

“I really don’t remember. I don’t understand. I’m not saying I have a mental illness… but obviously I do because… who in their right mind could do such a thing?” Kevin Lee Graf to the justice of the United States. His comments came after he apologized for the deadliest Hollywood crime in history. Victim: Screenwriter … Read more

Municipal grants delivery start 2022

As announced by the mayor of the municipality, Professor Carlos Ferraris, the dates for the delivery of municipal grants have been set for the months of March and April. More than 300 undergraduate and graduate students will receive financial assistance of $5,000 this weekend with the aim of supporting their educational activities at various levels. … Read more

Steps to get help for 10,000 young people who want to go to U in Cali – Cali – Colombia

Alejandro Ami dreams of becoming a great systems engineer. His family is proud of his 357 points in the Saber 11 tests and he has already scored previously for Universidad del Valle. The student of the Santa Isabel de Hungary School, who will graduate in two weeks, has more expectations. Be one of the 10,000 … Read more

The Carolina Foundation opens a call for scholarships – Education – Life

The Carolina Foundation is opening a call for scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral studies for the academic year 2022-2023. This year showcases 594, with the aim of influencing the process of social, economic, productive and digital change in both Latin America and Europe. It also emphasizes the integration of women into the scientific disciplines, in … Read more

Current Scholarships for Study in Colombian Universities

University of Rosario This institution also has support options for undergraduate studies with different types of scholarships, namely: “Cundinamarca Government Scholarship”, “Scholarship for Afro-Colombian, Balenqueira and Rizal Communities”, “Scholarship for Indigenous Communities”, “Sports Scholarship”, among others other.

The Supreme Court requires students from private centers to be included in scholarships for income

The Supreme Court ruled against excluding a policy of scholarships, grants, and subsidies for students from private schools, a practice that was so frequent in some departments that it made it impossible for some students to get aid for food, books, and transportation. Or the Erasmus programme. In the ruling of the Supreme Court, which … Read more

The US sports scholarship management company Global College USA has begun its international expansion through franchises

Global College USA is, to date and by the size of the Managed Sports Scholarships awarded, Europe’s largest in tennis scholarships and one of the largest in Europe in all sports. It has more than 800 scholarship athletes in the United States and more than 400 of them are tennis players. The Spanish company Global … Read more

The scholar enhances his mobile interest in students to manage their scholarship

The scholar enhances his mobile interest in students to manage their scholarship Parana, April 12 (APFDigital) – Villa Mantero and Aldea Salto were the first cities visited by the traveling researcher team this week • The tour will continue via Chajari, La Paz, Pasavielpaso, Oro Verde and Las Cuevas • The goal is to facilitate … Read more

The Organization of American States submitted a report on the implementation of the Peace Agreement – JEP Colombia – Justice

Deepening social inequality at the expense of COVID-19continuing threats against social leaders and ex-combatants, and progress in the implementation of the Regionally Approached Development Plans (PDET) and in the Judiciary Special for Peace (JEP), the Truth Commission, and the Tracing Unit for Missing Persons (UBPD). These are some of the points highlighted by the thirtieth … Read more