Francisco Miranda Hamburger is the new director of ‘Portfolio’

Frances Miranda he’s son Colombian Caribbean. born in Valdobar And her mother’s family is from Barranquilla, so at the age of four her parents decided to settle in the capital of the Atlantic. In Barranquilla, Miranda grew up and lived her childhood, adolescence and part of her youth. After graduating from Liceo de Cervantes, and … Read more

They give free tablets to retirees, retirees, monotributistas, AUH and Progresar scholarship holders: How to sign up | Chronicle

To delivery in the coming days from Bonus for retirees and retirees in the amount of 6000 dollars across the Ansisthe government has advanced the implementation of other programs for these groups, as well as for owners Universal Child Allowance (Wonderful), Progressive Scholarships s monotributistas. One of them is powered by Enacomwhich seeks to ensure … Read more

Paul Osmendi and Martin Mays have been chosen by Santander Bank to create a network of talent.

The family of Gipuzkoans Paul Auzmendi and Martin Maiz are part of a group of young people from across the state chosen by Banco Santander in a project that wants to build a network of talent. Theyou 200 of the best baccalaureate students from across the state gathered in Madrid last weekend. They did it … Read more

What scholarships do you offer, requirements and who can apply for them

To do this, you must go to the Public Institution for Higher Education and request that your academic information be uploaded to your school file. Then you must enter the “School Information” section of your SUBES profile. By choosing only one card and before activating it, check the correctness of the following data or request … Read more

Diputación de Valladolid rewards and bestows quality and talent in the province

“We want to acknowledge the effort and believe it’s time to appreciate the work of researchers in the county. It is hard work to push the boundaries of our world. Art is not something that one person makes, it is what many call it. You are part of an unstoppable process,” confirmed the Valladolid Provincial … Read more