Paul Osmendi and Martin Mays have been chosen by Santander Bank to create a network of talent.

The family of Gipuzkoans Paul Auzmendi and Martin Maiz are part of a group of young people from across the state chosen by Banco Santander in a project that wants to build a network of talent. Theyou 200 of the best baccalaureate students from across the state gathered in Madrid last weekend. They did it … Read more

Santander invests $225 million and seeks to keep a piece of the fintech pie

One site below accessed in the previous version of Apertura’s exclusive ranking of the Top 100, Santander Argentina (13th place) Shows signs of curiosity to bring financial inclusion tools closer to more people and entities. this year It was distinguished by a great contribution to the field of non-governmental organizationsbut also for being close to … Read more

What are the application requirements?

Santander Bankthrough the Universities of Santander, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Education an offer 400 scholarships To deepen the knowledge and use of innovative emerging technological tools that are most in demand in companies. In the end, they give an accreditation certificate stamped by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These courses are based on the … Read more

Santander has opened a call for scholarships to train women leaders – Women – Life

The Banco Santander Scholarship Program, in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), has launched a new edition of Emerging Leaders Scholarship, which aims to develop leadership and negotiation skills for 125 women who aspire to occupy positions of responsibility. It is a fully online, seven-week programme, aimed at women in … Read more

Conclude your studies with this scholarship program

Carla Rodriguez Torreon, Coahuila / 03.15.2022 15:19:18 It can be difficult for some families to afford college tuition. Salvador Malo Alvarez, former Director General of University Higher Education under the Undersecretary for Higher Education, states that currently About 40 percent of young people in Mexico pursue a college degree. In general, the countries belonging to … Read more

Scholarships from Santander and Techo-Chile have trained 700 people in different professions | Economie

The people who benefit from the Santander de Oficio Scholarships, most of whom are female heads of household, are distributed in 11 regions of the country and can choose basic digital literacy courses; Small projects hair styling, cutting and coloring. baked goods and pastries, among others. Since 2018, Santander and TECHO-Chile have implemented the program … Read more

Santander joins experts from MIT and other institutions to create free educational materials | Economie

Santander Learning Pills are training videos starred by experts in sectors such as blockchain, data analytics or soft skills available to all audiences. International educational institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Esade and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) are collaborating on the project. Banco Santander, through Santander Universities, … Read more