Undergraduate scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022 in the Basque Country: application date, aid features, requirements and news

The Ministry of Education of the Basque Government published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country Decision organizing university scholarships for the next academic year 2021-2022. Students will be able to apply for assistance from the first day of tomorrow until July 30th (inclusive). Oscar €28,560,000 is allocated for this call for university scholarships. … Read more

UNAM Mobility Scholarships: Dates, Requirements and Call

digital millennium Mexico City / 03.17.2022 19:02:09 The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has reissued the call for Undergraduates can spend a semester in another state of the country. Scholarship Call for National Student Mobility Semester 2023-One (Fall 2022) Consists of undergraduate students in the school system applying to compete for the Economic scholarship … Read more

What are the requirements for obtaining a master’s degree abroad? – Education – Life

study Master It has become a prerequisite to aspire to important positions and high responsibilities, because this academic degree is the highest among graduate degrees and the training of people with specific knowledge. Additionally, those who complete a master’s degree develop problem-solving skills and delve deeper into their chosen sector. Colombia has many universities offering … Read more

What are the application requirements?

Santander Bankthrough the Universities of Santander, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professional Education an offer 400 scholarships To deepen the knowledge and use of innovative emerging technological tools that are most in demand in companies. In the end, they give an accreditation certificate stamped by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These courses are based on the … Read more

Conclude your studies with this scholarship program

Carla Rodriguez Torreon, Coahuila / 03.15.2022 15:19:18 It can be difficult for some families to afford college tuition. Salvador Malo Alvarez, former Director General of University Higher Education under the Undersecretary for Higher Education, states that currently About 40 percent of young people in Mexico pursue a college degree. In general, the countries belonging to … Read more

All the details and what and how to order and requirements

The Ministry of education Vocational training and various Scholarships Or financial aid for students on the basis of Income and academic benefits. One of the most popular is the one known as MEC . Scholarships, which teachers can also access. Now, the resolution of the last call has begun. We explain What are MEC scholarships … Read more