Peru expresses its support for Ukraine at a special session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States | News

Peru supported the declaration of the “Situation in Ukraine”, which strongly condemns the illegal, unjustified and unjustified invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and calls for the immediate withdrawal of the military presence and the cessation of any further military action in that country. The announcement came within the framework of the extraordinary session … Read more

Attentive Student: They offer scholarships and exclusive funding to study in Australia | Peru | Scholarships | Australian | Peru

Updated on 01/04/2022 09:30 PM With the aim of encouraging Peruvians to find new academic opportunities in AustraliaThe Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) will develop a virtual event called “Exclusive Scholarships and Funding for Peruvians” to provide necessary and relevant information to Peru who are looking to improve their professional future. Since December last … Read more

Canada Offers Americas Scholarship for Young Peruvians: Here are the RMMN Application Requirements | Economie

Due to the current instability in our country, Canadian universities are betting on Peruvian talent who are considering emigrating abroad for Work or continue studying With a desire for a better future. In this regard, Hilbert Marques, Director of SCCanada and representative of two Canadian universities, stated:The goal is for more Peruvians to immigrate to … Read more

Peru requested that the spill case be scheduled at the OAS Permanent Council | News

Peru requested that the issue of the oil spill that occurred in the Ventanilla Sea by Repsol be presented at the next session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS), in order to see it in depth, announced the Permanent Representative of Peru to this organization, Harold Forsyth. “In order to … Read more

Sernanp will award scholarships to encourage research in protected natural areas | Peru | syrnab | ANP | Peru

Updated on 04/11/2022 09:52 PM The The Ministry of Environment (Minam), by National Service for Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp), will award 19 scholarships to professionals from across the country who contribute to nature conservation and development spaces through its Third Priority Research Scholarship competition in protected natural areas (Palestinian National Authority). Together, … Read more

Pachacútec Foundation: 200 scholarships to study telemarketing, bartenders and hairdressing | Peru | Scholarships | pachctec Foundation | Peru

In order to promote the listing the work of young people, of whom the number of employees is about 16% according to INEIThe Pachacutec . Foundation Launching four technical courses targeting low-income youth, which will give them the opportunity to generate their own income in a short time, start their own business, or join the … Read more

Grant 18: Requirements, modalities, benefits and venues for the second application 2022 | Peru | Brunabeec | Ministry of Education | minedu | the answers

Don’t miss out on your student scholarship. This April, the second application began to be Beneficiary of the Beca18 . program. Do you know what it consists of? Who can apply? What are your requirements? Here we tell you everything. more information: How many application methods are there in Beca 18 and how do I … Read more