Call for INTI Scholarships 2022

The mission of the INTI Scholarship System is to promote and accompany the training of students and graduates of undergraduate and undergraduate level, as well as postgraduate students and young researchers from universities (especially public universities) and other institutions of the country. Institute and national industry issues. During 2021, the Institute revitalized the entry of … Read more

Global College USA is one of the largest sports scholarship administration companies in Europe

Many people in the world choose sports as a way of life, either because of the achievements they can achieve thanks to their talents or because of the emotions that this sport evokes. However, there are not always the necessary resources or spaces to practice sports discipline. Global College USA is a Spanish company that … Read more

The US sports scholarship management company Global College USA has begun its international expansion through franchises

Global College USA is, to date and by the size of the Managed Sports Scholarships awarded, Europe’s largest in tennis scholarships and one of the largest in Europe in all sports. It has more than 800 scholarship athletes in the United States and more than 400 of them are tennis players. The Spanish company Global … Read more

Launching online scholarships to enhance business management skills | trends

Banco Santander, through Santander Universities and IE University, through the IE Foundation, has launched 2000 Santander Skills Scholarships | Digital Business Training – IE University, An initiative targeting citizens and/or residents over 18 years of age in 13 countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom … Read more

The Ministry of Education has opened the call for Saint Exupery Scholarships

The proposal targets professors, researchers and researchers of Argentine nationality who are currently developing doctoral studies with or without joint supervision at Argentine state-run universities. The stays, which range from 2 to 4 months in length, will begin in September this year. To apply, interested parties must reside in the country at the time of … Read more

The AGP and the Argentine Navy have signed training agreements

The text also provides for the possibility of adding agreements “Training courses; investigative assistance and technical advice by the AGP of the Argentine Navy”. Likewise, it was made clear that it would “bring benefits to both parties, as well as an opportunity to strengthen the AGP’s federal presence in the rest of the country.” Upon … Read more