Find out how to be part of a new edition of Connectivity Grant

The ability to provide equal opportunities for all young people is one of the primary goals of the San Juan government, ensuring inclusion and progress in every county. In this sense, the “Scholarships Connect” program emerged from the Ministry of Human Development and Social Promotion, through the Youth Directorate, which aims to ensure free access … Read more

How will the scholarships be in the 2022-2023 academic year? Notes, conditions and amounts | Economie

Yesterday, the Council of Ministers approved the royal decree determining the amounts of scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023. The budget reaches 2,134 million, a record figure that seeks to cover the entry of new grant holders as a result of the poor economic situation left by the pandemic. This represents an increase of 96 … Read more

Registration will take place from Friday 25 March to 7 April

The directors of youth and adult education and the Technical and Technical High School, in a virtual meeting with references from various educational disciplines, worked out the criteria for implementing the Graduate Scholarship Program for the completion of secondary studies. Prove that from Friday, March 25, and until April 7, the inscriptions for young people … Read more