Icetex: Scholarships to study and learn a new language in Colombia. So you can apply – Education – Life

Active students in undergraduate programs at the undergraduate, technical or technological level, over 18 years old, They will be able to apply for 100 percent scholarships to learn or further their training in a second language, in languages ​​such as German, French, English, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese, Icetex and the network of binational centers report. … Read more

Learn a language through this program

Carla Rodriguez Turion, Coahuila / 03.29.2022 13:28:09 learn the second language It’s not just a luxury at the moment. For many jobs and companies, speaking two languages ​​is a must and entry requirement. according to him Mexican Institute of CompetitivenessIn 2015 I just mentioned it 5% of the population speaks a second languageEspecially in English, … Read more