Scholarships to Study Abroad: This is how you can refer to current scholarships on the Icetex – Education – Life page

Icetex is an entity that is part of the Colombian government, and among other educational issues, it is responsible for providing international scholarships that come to the country. If you are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree with a foreign university, here we tell you about the options that are currently available. (Read also: District … Read more

Icetex Scholarships: Learn About Open Calls in Colombia – Education – Life

The dream of many young people is Studying abroadHowever, this goal is often truncated by the high costs involved in attending a foreign university, as well as living in another country. However, there are many grants from various organizations that offer Scholarships For students, making it easier to study outside Colombia at some of the … Read more

Icetex: Scholarships to study and learn a new language in Colombia. So you can apply – Education – Life

Active students in undergraduate programs at the undergraduate, technical or technological level, over 18 years old, They will be able to apply for 100 percent scholarships to learn or further their training in a second language, in languages ​​such as German, French, English, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese, Icetex and the network of binational centers report. … Read more

Scholarships: Icetex Opens Connection to Learn English – Education – Life

The acetex Centro Colombo Americano announced a new call for scholarships so that a total of 150 Colombians, including students and recent graduates, can learn English. It’s about scholarships Belisario Betancourt, which covers 100 percent of the tuition fee. Plus materials, tips, other activities, and academic resources. (Also read: Young people assert that Saber Pro … Read more

Open Call for Icetex Scholarships in Hungary | trends

Did you know that Hungary is among the major countries with the largest number of scientific Nobel laureates per capita and has been the scene of the development of many discoveries such as vitamin C and inventions such as the Rubik’s cube? (Issue and offer of regular Icetex bonds). The Hungarian Experience will be an … Read more

Scholarships Abroad: These are the open calls for Icetex – Education – Life

Studying abroad It is a dream of many, but achieving it can become frustrating, especially due to the high costs of attending a foreign university, as well as living expenses. However, entities such as acetex They have alliances with various national and international organizations that fund these studies through scholarships. (Read also: Do ​​you want … Read more

acetex | Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Scholarships in Russia – Education – Life

Calls are now open Why 100 Colombians get Scholarship in Russia Undergraduate, master’s or doctoral training. Those selected will start their academic term from September 2022. (You can read: Icetex opens a new call to access educational credits.) According to Portfolio magazine, Russiawith a population of 150 million and one of the major economies in … Read more

Icetex has an open call for the award of 29,000 higher education credits

Icetex has already delivered 11,000 credits. Photo: Bixnew Icetex stated in a statement that at this time the call to apply for credits Higher education in Colombia. It will provide about 29,000 loans to those who wish to study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. (Read Scholarships for Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Azerbaijan, How to … Read more

Icetex, how to get remission? – Education – Life

Icetex announced that as of Friday, April 8, the first day of its “2022 solutions for component fund beneficiaries” will be held with the entity and that existing payment difficulties will be resolved. (We suggest: apply for scholarships in Spain to study a master’s degree with Icetex) So far, according to the entity, 520 students … Read more

MinTIC and Icetex Open Scholarship Program for Study Abroad – Education – Life

From this Tuesday, April 5, the registration form will open for those interested in participating in the call for the funding of masters degrees abroad for the “Ticket to the Future” program of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MinTIC) and managed by Icetex, through which it seeks more Colombians to obtain higher training … Read more