Science and technology, new challenges for higher education

Bet on a new scenario in higher education, where Science and Technology Become pillars, is a different challenge Caribbean Universities Colombia after the pandemic. After returning to the audience, the higher education centers focused their efforts on building spaces and platforms to break the academic gap created by the situation created by COVID-19. In the … Read more

Francisco Miranda Hamburger is the new director of ‘Portfolio’

Frances Miranda he’s son Colombian Caribbean. born in Valdobar And her mother’s family is from Barranquilla, so at the age of four her parents decided to settle in the capital of the Atlantic. In Barranquilla, Miranda grew up and lived her childhood, adolescence and part of her youth. After graduating from Liceo de Cervantes, and … Read more

Grupo Éxito Expocervezas organizes by offering more than 180 references

In Colombia, about 51.4 liters of beer per person per year and despite the pandemic, the country’s beer market has continued to grow, as shown by data from Euromonitor. The Caribbean coast is among the regions with the highest consumption of this product nationally. Within the spirits segment, beer is the best-selling category success group … Read more

Paranoa bets on economic revitalization

The Mayor of Baranoa, Roberto Celedon Venegas, visited the facilities of EL HERALDO to tell us that the Municipality of Parano is working to generate economic, gastronomic and tourist activity for the residents of the municipality. The mayor said that they are looking for an economic revitalization so that the residents of the municipality get … Read more

Education as the focus of the presidential debate

The health crisis caused by the Corona virus has been revealed in Colombia Weak points subordinate Educational systemmainly in terms of connectivity in the regions. In addition, the social mobilization introduced in recent years has reflected some unease among young people towards the higher education system, which, according to them, has the advantage of access … Read more

$18 billion will be invested in undergraduate scholarships at Atlantico

The education For young people, it remains one of the main bets in Management Governor Elsa Nogueira. Proof of this is his announcement of investing $18 billion in university scholarships for the next year. The president’s announcement came during a meeting with the beneficiaries of the scholarship program through educational funds, the trainees in the … Read more

The district offers scholarships for young people to train them in English

Promoting second language training has become one of the pillars of the current district administration to improve the quality of education and provide qualified job opportunities for young people. A total of 5,000 young people will benefit from it during the year English for workan English language strengthening program aimed at restoring employment opportunities in … Read more

The father of the family takes his daughter by bike on her wedding day

Marriage is an unforgettable date for the whole family. family And especially for the bride, because it is that moment that characterizes life. father of a family Mexico Yes, he knew how to make it unique. Traditionally, brides arrive at church in a medieval carriage or even on horseback, so he decides to ride it … Read more

The Alligators and the Cowboys will fight for the baseball title in Colombia

There’s less and less time to meet the new champion of Colombian Major League Baseball, the tournament taking place this season at Edgar Renteria Stadium in Barranquilla. This Tuesday, Caimanes de Barranquilla secured his place in the final by defeating Gigantes 9-2. The Monteria Cowboys had already made the move on Monday and will be … Read more