Amazonas: The talent of Beca 18 who dreams of being a nurse to help his community | Brunabeec | MINDO | Grant 18 | CNA | Peru

On his return from school, Mi Ryung Fabian Petsait Ogkosh ran to hug his grandfather Raphael, laughing, telling him how it went. But one day that man with a big smile was gone: he had a heart attack, and there was no health facility near his house, located in the Emaceta community, Amazon, to help … Read more

Scholarship 18-2022: Continuing Shortlist to Prepare for Access to Higher Education | News

Young people pre-selected for the Beca 18 competition call 2022, and who participate in the second moment of application for the additional 3,024 comprehensive scholarships to be awarded this year, continue to have free access to the Support and Orientation Platform (PAO), a virtual space where they can Access to educational content that allows them … Read more

Young people from residential shelters in…

The study in College Forging a professional career is the project to which eight young people belong Residential reception centers (CAR) from the National Comprehensive Family Care Program (INABEV). Thanks to their dedication and effort, Young I managed to reach financial support to College student who gives National Scholarship and Education Credit Program (Brunabec), using … Read more

Beca 18: The second application for over 3,000 scholarships is open until May 6 | News

Pronabec announced that from April 4 to May 6, the second moment to apply for the Beca 18 competition will begin, call 2022, in which an additional 3,024 comprehensive scholarships will be awarded, which cover full higher education and necessary maintenance for talents with limited economic resources or in a state of weakness. In total, … Read more

attention! Follow these 10 tips to successfully face your first year of university | News

The first year at a university or institute is a rewarding phase in students’ lives, but it means taking on new challenges, such as the educational and social context. In addition, they must adapt to different teachers’ methodologies. For this reason, two Beca 18 talents from the Department of Education’s National Scholarship and Education Credit … Read more

Grant 18: Requirements, modalities, benefits and venues for the second application 2022 | Peru | Brunabeec | Ministry of Education | minedu | the answers

Don’t miss out on your student scholarship. This April, the second application began to be Beneficiary of the Beca18 . program. Do you know what it consists of? Who can apply? What are your requirements? Here we tell you everything. more information: How many application methods are there in Beca 18 and how do I … Read more