The story of the most heinous murder in Hollywood

“I really don’t remember. I don’t understand. I’m not saying I have a mental illness… but obviously I do because… who in their right mind could do such a thing?” Kevin Lee Graf to the justice of the United States. His comments came after he apologized for the deadliest Hollywood crime in history. Victim: Screenwriter … Read more

Municipal grants delivery start 2022

As announced by the mayor of the municipality, Professor Carlos Ferraris, the dates for the delivery of municipal grants have been set for the months of March and April. More than 300 undergraduate and graduate students will receive financial assistance of $5,000 this weekend with the aim of supporting their educational activities at various levels. … Read more

3 free courses to learn how to use Excel from scratch – education – life

The way the world has moved in recent years, and the shocking change in the wake of the pandemic, means that students and staff need to master certain skills to perform at their best in their fields. (You may be interested: Virtual courses that will help you get a successful CV). Over time, the need … Read more

The Organization of American States submitted a report on the implementation of the Peace Agreement – JEP Colombia – Justice

Deepening social inequality at the expense of COVID-19continuing threats against social leaders and ex-combatants, and progress in the implementation of the Regionally Approached Development Plans (PDET) and in the Judiciary Special for Peace (JEP), the Truth Commission, and the Tracing Unit for Missing Persons (UBPD). These are some of the points highlighted by the thirtieth … Read more

OAS: Elections in Nicaragua lack “democratic legitimacy” – Latin America – International

On Friday, the Organization of American States (OAS) announced the holding of elections in Nicaragua, in which the president will take over Daniel Ortega His re-election was unfair and lacked the “democratic legitimacy” for which he calls for “immediate collective evaluation”. The elections were not free, fair, transparent and did not enjoy democratic legitimacy. In … Read more

Latin America is far from achieving the Education 2030 goals – Education – Life

within sustainable development goals (SDGs), The global agenda through which countries seek to tackle the world’s major problems by 2030, Sustainable Development Goal 4 education Quality, It is gaining special importance not only because of Education Day, which is celebrated these days, but also because this issue has been at the center of national and … Read more

OEA-Structuralia awards scholarships to access Specialized Master’s Degrees – Sponsored Content

Higher education is key to improving employability and meeting salary expectations, and it is one of the data that emerges from the Structuralia Barometer on the state of engineering in 2021, for college students and graduates in Colombia. picture: Solution 49% of the Colombian engineers and engineering students surveyed believe that studying a highly specialized … Read more

There is already a shortlist for the selection of the new president of the University of Los Andes – Education – Life

Seven months after Alejandro Gaviria, the chaplain of the University of Los Andes, resigned to aspire to the presidency, the Nominating Committee appointed by the Foundation’s Steering Committee announced Three names will occupy the position of rector in the property. Read also: Six actions to change the country without creating a clean slate After analyzing … Read more

How should education be financed? Expert Suggestion – Education – Life

One of the government’s greatest achievements in educational matters during the four-year period was ensuring that the sector not only became, but also maintained, the sector with the largest participation in the state’s general budget. However, this did not solve the problems of financing education in the country. In fact, at the end of 2021, … Read more

How to access Colfuturo Scholarships? – Education – Life

Columbia Future Foundation, Colfutureyear after year, calls are open for scholarships to provide financial support to Colombian professionals, with academic excellence, who wish to continue their master’s or doctoral studies at a foreign university. (Also read: The great conversation universities are promoting for the country’s future.) The initiative funds full-time, face-to-face postgraduate programs abroad, including … Read more