3 free courses to learn how to use Excel from scratch – education – life

The way the world has moved in recent years, and the shocking change in the wake of the pandemic, means that students and staff need to master certain skills to perform at their best in their fields. (You may be interested: Virtual courses that will help you get a successful CV). Over time, the need … Read more

Learn a language through this program

Carla Rodriguez Turion, Coahuila / 03.29.2022 13:28:09 learn the second language It’s not just a luxury at the moment. For many jobs and companies, speaking two languages ​​is a must and entry requirement. according to him Mexican Institute of CompetitivenessIn 2015 I just mentioned it 5% of the population speaks a second languageEspecially in English, … Read more

They are withdrawing 100 scholarships to study English in Ireland for six months

There are scholarships with a discount of up to 100%, and regardless of English language level, anyone over the age of 18 can apply. 100 scholarships to study Einglish In a face-to-face setting in Europe is what the Irish Institute offers NED Training Center Adventurers and Chilean nationals over the age of 18. The scholarship … Read more

These are the courses that…

Registered people The unique record of victims (RUV) for violence that occurred in the country between 1980 and 2000 or in Special Registry of Compensation Beneficiaries in Education of the Compensation Board (Forbidden), who have completed, at least, primary education and resides there Lima and Callao Applications can be made until May 20 for the … Read more

10,000 places to study and get a certificate in free programming | cooperation

Do you want to study programming? What if you take lessons? Amazon Web Service? Learn Python with Cisco? java with IBM s inspiration? or basics of programming using Microsoft? Even better! Totally free. as there 10,000 places for Colombians who want to learn and get certified as programmers. Where and how do you register? Here … Read more

“Call centers increase the demand for English language courses” | companies | a job

The smart language academy, Which has been in the market for 24 years now, wants to expand its scholarship program. Mario Setina, Commercial Director of Smart, in an interview with Portafolio, talks about the company’s goals for this year. Let’s talk about Scholarship Program for Top Students by IcfesWhat we want with these scholarships is … Read more