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Santa Maria del Páramo hands out 23 checks to babies for 300 euros

Handing out children’s checks. The Council renews its commitment to the settlement of population and social policies with measures such as these, for which they have contributed 7,000 euros. This Monday, the city council of Santa Maria del Páramo summoned parents and children to hand over the baby in a symbolic act of maternity aid … Read more

Municipal grants delivery start 2022

As announced by the mayor of the municipality, Professor Carlos Ferraris, the dates for the delivery of municipal grants have been set for the months of March and April. More than 300 undergraduate and graduate students will receive financial assistance of $5,000 this weekend with the aim of supporting their educational activities at various levels. … Read more

Bécate, a platform that guides students to find university scholarships | investment | a job

Elvia Maria Foundation It is an entity focused on helping the students Public schools and classes 1, 2 and 3 to give them academic enhancement and professional orientation and Help them find college scholarships. To strengthen its work and provide clearer information, preventing students from making mistakes when filling out forms or making mistakes when … Read more