SUBES offers scholarships of up to 12,000 pesos to graduates: Requirements

Among the most requested are the Youth Program for Building the Future and the Elisa Acuña group of scholarships.

The only system for beneficiaries of higher education (aboveHe announced his grants through his website digital platformwhere you can make Register and place your order One of them to study Bachelor degree.

Among the most requested are the Youth Building the Future program and the Elisa Acuña scholarship package, the latter for upper-level students, alumni and educators.

Becas Elisa Acuña seeks to support those who wish to continue with their program academic training Or a professional, study abroad or complete a degree.

  • maintenance grantwhich can reach 1,800 pesos every two months.
  • Excellence Scholarship, with delivery up to 12000 pesos per month.
  • Social Service Grant, in one payment between 6000 and 10,000 pesos.
  • Scholarship for a degree up to 5000 pesos.
  • Professional practice grant, with payment of 1800 pesos for 4 months.
  • National and International Mobility Grant, with payments ranging from 6000 to 50000 pesos.
  • Training Grant (amounts specified in calls).
  • – Scholarships to draw attention (amounts specified in the calls).

About the scholarship Benito Juarez Scholarships Suggest:

  1. Log in to And click on “Register here”.
  2. Consult: “Overall Privacy” notice.
  3. Complete: the following information:
  • Personal email (if you have more than one email, record the email you use often)
  • Create a password and keep it in a safe place and don’t share it with anyone
  • Get a captcha code
  • Press the record button
  1. Check: If you see the notification “Your CURP is already registered

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