" Suazo Business Center partners with WGU to offer college scholarships to underserved communities - NBC Utah - cifpharm

Suazo Business Center partners with WGU to offer college scholarships to underserved communities – NBC Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- Suazo Business Center and WGU are collaborating to offer 15 scholarships to students from underserved communities through a grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, they said in a statement.

Students will start studying at WGU Academy on February 1st. The program generally takes two to three months to complete.

“Since before the pandemic, minorities and already disadvantaged rural communities have faced so many barriers to higher education, access is not enough,” said Chris Lee, President of WGU Academy. “The university readiness gap facing students from underserved communities has widened the nuisance in recent decades, and through this partnership we want to develop students locally by providing them with confidence, social, emotional and mental skills to achieve their academic and career goals.

WGU Academy was formed by Western Governors University (WGU) as an independent, non-profit organization to support unprepared and underprivileged students who attend WGU and other institutions across the country.

Suazo Business Center, a nonprofit organization based in Salt Lake City, shares a dedication to preparing disadvantaged students, mostly Hispanics and other disadvantaged communities, to overcome barriers to success, whether it’s advancing their education, or preparing a workforce Variable, or start your own business.

“Suazo has focused on the economic mobility of our underserved communities since 2002. The primary means of doing this has been through entrepreneurship and small business development. Being able to partner with WGU Academy to expand our reach and integrate workforce development through our Suazo Business Center” said Silvia Castro, Executive Director of the Suazo Business Center Higher education is a great step forward.

Under the WGU Foundation, WGU Academy operates as an independent, not-for-profit organization created to help address a growing college readiness gap.

Building on the historical knowledge and experience of Western Governors University (WGU), the Academy offers a more flexible and less expensive approach than traditional academic preparation programs. Our innovative College Preparation pathways are designed for students who need extra help to succeed at WGU or other colleges and universities.

For more information visit wguacademy.org or https://www.suazocenter.org/

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