Studying a graduate degree in the US? Open Call for Fulbright Grants

These are 55 scholarships that are jointly funded by the United States Department of State and the Government of Colombia.

Inviting Colombians who have completed their university studies to apply to Fulbright Scholarships from studies Master s PhD It will be open until May 2. These are 55 scholarships that are jointly funded by the United States Department of State and the Government of Colombia. (You may be interested in: Scholarships in Azerbaijan: This is how you can apply for Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees)

“The United States and Colombia Fulbright-Columbia Educational Exchange Commission has launched its first call for this year 2022 to search for candidates from all regions and population groups in the country, in order to provide training opportunities in master’s and doctoral degrees for professionals and researchers Colombians Those wishing to study in American universities.

The call, in turn, seeks to promote educational and cultural exchange through scholarships for professionals “who have a high degree of social commitment to the state and who promote the social and productive development of their lands and communities.” Selected candidates must return to Colombia at the end of their study programs and stay in the country for a minimum of two years, during which they must repay the knowledge acquired during the scholarship. (You may be interested: How to register for the 2022 Sena virtual programs?)

What do Fulbright scholarships cover?

The exact benefits vary depending on the type of program you are applying to. However, in general, these scholarships cover academic expenses (waiver of tuition and/or university costs), support, round-trip international travel, orientation seminar, academic introductory program, and basic program for limited accident and disease coverage. Cost, visa processing, comprehensive escort and monitoring.

What scholarships can I apply for?

According to Fulbright Columbia, the new scholarship portfolio for 2022 (to study in 2023) brings a new program to recipients of the Social Welfare Administration’s Youth at Work Program. It also resumes scholarships for cultural directors and/or Colombian artists from the Ministry of Culture. (You can read: February 28 is the deadline to apply for the Colfuturo Scholarship Credit)

The scholarship portfolio consists, in total, of six scholarship programs for masters and doctoral studies in the United States.

On the other hand, there is the Fulbright Minciencias Scholarship, which supports the high-level training of up to forty Colombian professionals and researchers who want to carry out their doctoral programs in the United States starting in the second semester of 2023. This time, 60% of the candidates are requested They reside in cities other than Bogota, Medellin and Cali, and they account for 80% of STEM jobs and 205 other knowledge areas.

The Fulbright DPS Scholarship for Jovenes en Acción seeks to support five professionals who, at the time of application for the scholarship, have completed their accompaniment in the Jovenes en Acción program and who wish to study a master’s degree at universities in the United States.

The Fulbright Mincultura Scholarship for Cultural Directors and Artists seeks to support the training of up to four Colombian cultural managers and artists who can demonstrate an outstanding career in their field. They can apply to master’s programs at American universities. “This call has an ethnic focus, so one of the four quotas will be awarded to a professional who belongs to an indigenous community, and one to a member of an afro-descendant community.

Aimed at the Afro, Rizal and Balenquera communities, the Fulbright Scholarship supports the high-level training of up to three (3) Colombian professionals who are affiliated and self-recognized as members of the Afro-descendent communities who wish to pursue an MA. Or doctoral programs in universities. From the United States.

For its part, the Fulbright Scholarship for Indigenous Communities supports the high-level training of one (1) Colombian professional who belongs and is self-recognized as a member of the Indigenous community and wishes to pursue a master’s or doctoral program at universities in the United States.

Finally, the J. William Fulbright Scholarship supports shaping human capital in master’s studies for Colombians who are committed to responding, from an interdisciplinary approach, to a specific and situational challenge facing the country: deforestation.

How do you apply for Fulbright grants?

To apply, interested candidates should review the terms of reference for each scholarship program in detail, available on the website

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