Study English in Malta and get a €300 voucher from the Maltese government

Malta is one of the destinations that many students choose to study English forEspecially during the summer months, although the archipelago receives students year-round. It is now possible to study English in Malta and obtain a voucher from the Maltese government.

The Maltese government offers bonds of up to 300 euros Those who visit the country to learn the language. A unique opportunity for those interested in learning English in Malta who can take advantage of this advantage, states Maltalingua English School, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary.

The vouchers are for English students in Malta.

Vouchers worth €10 per night are aimed at persons over 13 years of age who book after May 7, 2021.

Thus, students who decide to study at Maltalingua English School in 2021 starting from 1 June for 15 nights or more will receive a voucher worth €10 per night, up to 30 nights in total.

Options to redeem Malta vouchers

Vouchers can be redeemed directly at Maltalingua, for example for course upgrades, additional private lessons as well as activities, textbooks or accommodation.

They can also be used for other goods and services, as well as in restaurants and stores participating in the campaign in Malta and Gozo.

In addition to the coupon benefits, Maltalingua is offering discounts, offers and other packages in 2021 coinciding with its 10th anniversary.

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