Study Canada: Event Offers Discount on Scholarships and Advice for Colombia

In recent days, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has published the number of foreigners it plans to accept into the permanent residence program by 2022 and the number will be around 410,000. persons.

For Colombians interested in getting to Canada, this is great news, because we are the second largest group of Spanish-speaking immigrants after Mexicans who arrive in the northern country in search of new opportunities.

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This is why Canadian educational institutions are watching our country and On April 23, 2022, they will hold an information and application day for people interested in studying in Canada.

Through ConnectandoCanada Organizations will receive applications and will also be notified of the financial support provided In partial scholarships, discounts on registration fees, visa advice, and discounts on airline tickets, among others. will be the platform responsible for organizing the registration event for those interested.

Oscar Blanco, representative of ILAC, recognized as the largest English language school in Canada, comments: “The pandemic has shaken everyone’s reality but also opened up many opportunities. The expert, who identified that this process could start today from the comfort of your home and be completed in person in cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

In this sense, he clarified that ILAC has established a call for grant Support recording up to 30% in its live programsSimilarly, institutions such as Georgian College at ILAC endorse their interest in awarding financial support from Up to CAD 10,000 for event participants interested in applying for the programs For business, project management, marketing and human resources due to the increasing demand in these areas.

The event will focus on higher education institutions and programs, from undergraduate, graduate and master’s degrees, opening this opportunity to recent university graduates and professionals in various fields.

In undergraduate programs in the fields of business, Canada West University continues its Las America scholarship program, It offers scholarships of up to 60% in undergraduate or master’s programs.

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