Students made a common bowl ‘in defense of the university dining room’

students National University of Cordoba (UNC) They made a popular destiny “in defense of university cafeteria After the university president mentioned that only people who are awarded Nutrirse scholarships can access the benefits.

Anna’s grandsonA student in the social sciences and leader of La Marea-MST at the Izquierda Unidad, he expressed the difficulty of obtaining these scholarships due to the number of requirements required: “Before the pandemic, 45,000 students registered for lunch in the dining room, but Only 3,300 people came to do this due to lack of rations, and this also includes teachers and non-teachers.”

Students claim that if the Rector’s decision were implemented, that number would drop even more, “since the year most scholarships were awarded, we are no more than 1,000 scholarship holders.”

on, Lina Avila The leader of La Marea-MST in the Left Unity Front, added that Cutting the right to the dining room “forces many to drop out of college because studying at university is too expensive, This is also one of the reasons why UNU has one of the lowest graduation rates among national universities.”

For students, it is important to increase the budget for the component of higher education: “We also demand that Alberto Fernandez stop giving our money to the IMF and that the money go to universities.”They identified through a statement.

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