Students fight with daggers at the exit of their school in Ibagi

Around noon last Monday, I heard screams from a group Francisco de Paula Santander School students From Ibague who desperately sought to separate two young men.

fighting heroes They turned on a knife and a bottle spout In the middle of the busy Copi Club street in the capital, Tolima. One of the minors was in uniform and the other not.

It was noted in the video that the companions are trying to differentiate between these two people, but the most infuriating thing is Another teenager had a machetemost likely to enter the confrontation.

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There is no indication of the reasons for the confrontation, but it is an anomaly because It affects not only those involved, but also the passersby who navigate through this public space..

Some of the comments made by Internet users include: “Young people learn tricks on the street, parents should know where their children are hanging out and with whom.”Of course, in a society where mother and father have to work because the minimum wage is insufficient, where the social gap is poor and the corrupt plunge us more and more into poverty, it is difficult to tell parents not to work and devote themselves to the care of their children, but since they cannot, because of the foregoing Parents can ask their children to do household chores.

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educational institution teachers Require more attention with studentswhere They can have white weapons inside the halls.

Until now The educational institution did not comment on what happened.

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