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Strengthening values ​​| Solange Cerdán received a special scholarship on the 22nd anniversary of Misiones Online

Online assignments are set together with companies and organizations that share the values ​​of effort and commitment to education, under the 22nd Anniversary Held with the award ceremony at the Prose Theater in the Park of Knowledge – a “special scholarship” was presented to undergraduate student Solange Cerdán, who is in her third year of medical sciences at the Faculty of Medicine of the Barceló Foundation, in Corrientes.

At the ceremony, a certificate of recognition was delivered by Governor Carlos Ars, and scholarships were awarded to Lorena Mazante and Doris Mabel Sánchez, representatives of the Rotary Club of Posadas, and Amanda Ciechowski by the Bronsylada Kruczowski Foundation in Ziechowski.

Solange story

Student Solange Cerdán’s life story brings together the work values ​​and efforts promoted by Misiones Online.

A young woman belonging to a family who has faced many difficulties and has always struggled to move forward. His mother, Sarita, a native of Campo Grande, came to work in Posadas as a domestic worker several decades ago, even when she was still a teenager.

Over time, he formed his family with the newspaper seller Arturo. From this union Solange was born, who since she was a child wanted to become a doctor.

Influenza A, more than a decade ago, took Arturo and left Sarah Solange alone. Thanks to the effort put into her work, this proud domestic worker supported her studies, her daughter’s hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor.

This is where Solange is today, studying medical sciences in her third year. But the economic difficulties of the epidemic almost gave up her degree, and it was through Misiones Online, along with institutions and companies that share these values, it was decided to support the student and the scholarship, within the framework of the 22nd anniversary, a special scholarship to accompany the process and finish his medical degree.

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medical future

He attended primary school through second grade at the private San Alberto Magno Institute, and from third through fourth grade of high school at the Santa Maria Higher Institute, culminating in year five at the Jose Manuel Estrada Institute.

Since you can remember, Solange Andrea aspired to study medicine. Specifically when he started playing with dolls and performing “medical procedures” on them.

She recalls that as a child, she “confirmed with utter ecstasy that this was the only thing she craved, for she was aware of our economic situation and the hopes of being able to complete my studies faded as she got older.”

After some time, she had various opportunities to study other professions but she did not feel close to them: “What I chose is what pleases me on a personal level and I feel good since I entered college.”

His mother was proud to hear of his decision but deep down, she thought he would try and then maybe give up. Today he is in the third year of his medical studies at the Barcelo Foundation, in Santo Tome, Corrientes.

Since April 2020, I have been studying virtually, it is already the second year in a row of studying in this way since the coronavirus pandemic. This year we are back in attendance and I am in the third year,” explains the university student.

Studying the profession involved significant economic outlay, and in the face of difficulties ensuring its continuity in the future, his knowledge of the contest for best average online missions made his story known.

Dedication to the study of medicine and introduction to the subjects require sufficient time of the day. “I don’t want to fall behind on any subject in the study plan, because the college has a very strict method for the final exams, which is to pass them in time in order to pass the year. Therefore, I dedicate myself 8-10 hours a day to be able to put all the subjects out. In In case of submitting the end, I prepare it two or three months in advance because of the amount of content,” explains Solange.

As for how she has adapted to the new habits imposed by the Corona virus pandemic, she admitted that this personally led to horrific changes in her life in general and in university life in particular.

“When I started my degree, I was living alone in Santo Tome, Corrientes, and devoted myself exclusively to attending classes, going to the hospital to do the internships offered by the college, and preparing notes in my department. After this chaotic event, I had to go back to my parents’ house and live with them. Again, as there are no face-to-face lessons; in this way, I have to stick to the schedule of classes, practical work and exams together, which has been a challenge thus far, but fortunately I have the support and respect of my family every time they bring me to a table,” he explains .

His mother has always been the backbone of everything. “She was the only one who gave me that financial support to enter the medical profession, at the cost of depriving us of many things,” Solange said.

Regarding her future career, she remains cautious. He did not specify which specialization to follow. “The truth is that I still don’t know for sure, as I progress through the year and study the subjects, I decide based on which discipline I feel more closely involved. But I currently have a few options: Anesthesiologist. Trauma. Palliative care.”

What is clear to her is where she would like to be able to do her residency: in Hospital Italiano or Hospital El Cruz, both in Buenos Aires, due to their good location with university housing, and for the residential convenience since plans to undertake a specialization in the city mentioned.

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