Steps to get help for 10,000 young people who want to go to U in Cali – Cali – Colombia

Alejandro Ami dreams of becoming a great systems engineer. His family is proud of his 357 points in the Saber 11 tests and he has already scored previously for Universidad del Valle.

The student of the Santa Isabel de Hungary School, who will graduate in two weeks, has more expectations. Be one of the 10,000 Young Beneficiaries of economic and academic aid under the “Todas y todos a datos” initiative to enter higher education in Cali.

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It emerged during the outbreak of social unemployment, as a hustle of youth in the region and the country. To access the programme, you must be between 14 and 28 years old, and belong to classes 1, 2 and 3.

“It’s an amazing life opportunity,” Alejandro said. Like this student, Santiago Gálvez, who wants to take advantage of this initiative that has 56,000 million pesos approved by the mayor’s office council.

Santiago has a score of 306 on the Saber 11 test and wants to study cosmetic dentistry.

According to Mayor Jorge Ivan Ospina and the Minister of Local Education, José Darwin Linés, of the 10,000 beneficiaries, 1,000 must be high school graduates who have taken the Saber 11 exam in the past in order to receive an academic boost and take a new state exam.

The exhibition “Todas y todos”, which has been taking place since last week on the Boulevard del Río, is a platform to present information to those interested so that they can be registered in turn. The exhibition will run until November 30, from 8 am to 5 pm, and government schools will also provide databases to select the winners.

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The mayor explained that another 1,000 places will be for young adults of 11. They will receive support for quality educational processes before they take the Saber exams. Schools will also provide information for selection. They will have a Univalle escort.

1000 more places for young people to expand coverage in higher education who will complete Year Zero and get a place at Univalle, with the aim of studying a career. A minimum global score of 170 must be met in the individual score report Saber 11 . test.

According to Univalle, as part of the academic settlement component, recipients will take classes in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, critical reading and English, among other components. Eventually, they would be able to enter a race.

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There are 1,000 more places to apply and complete secondary education with courses. The universities will offer 400 scholarships.

Those interested should contact Icesi, Javeriana, Autónoma de Occidente, San Buenaventura, Santiago de Cali, Escuela del Deporte, Antonio José Camacho and Intenalco. There are an additional 3,000 places in Education for Employment.

Another 2,600 seats will be reserved for scholarship holders in professional programs in the field of technology. At the exhibition, delegates from training bodies will explain accessibility.

This agreement was signed on Monday, on the Boulevard del Río, between the Cali Mayor’s Office, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education. icetex With universities and job training centers.

Counselor to the Ministry of Education, Ivan Dario Gómez, highlighted the union of the mayor’s office with universities.

“It is a complementary effort by the government,” said Icetex President Manuel Acevedo.


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