Step by step to apply for new government invitation

This national government program helps young people who have excelled in their studies To finance the total value of tuition fees At a public or private higher education institution (HEI) that has a high-quality accreditation or that has at least 25% of a high-quality accredited undergraduate academic offer.

Generation E aims to benefit 336,000 Colombian students within four yearsaccess to all state departments, cover the cost of the value of education and provide support for those who must study away from their home country which consists of a minimum wage.

For 2022, this program opens a new call that those interested can apply to January 27, 2022.

Keep in mind that if you want to apply, you must meet the requirements set by the program, among them Be Colombian, be SISBEN registered, have a high school diploma, be among the 10 high school graduates with the best Saber 11 scores in their department, or have a score equal to or greater than 365.

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Interested parties may apply throughand web page There they must complete, as a first step,Expression of interest acceptance form.

Next, the applicant must have a place in the undergraduate course of his choice, then fill in “Form No. 2 for registration, application to the call”. This document can be delivered until February 24, 2022.

The March 31, 2022 The list of beneficiaries will be announced The certification phase will begin.

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