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To study abroad It is a dream of many people, but achieving it can be complicated in many cases due to the high costs involved. education In some countries other than the country of origin.

In this sense, the international students They mostly seek scholarships and funding opportunities that allow them to cover some of the costs and therefore are able to do so Study at a lower cost.

Although it is important to note that studying “totally free” is not always possible, because to the registration costs are also added costs of accommodation, maintenance and transportation, among other things, it is true that there are countries that offer benefits until foreign students decide to live and study there.

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At EL TIEMPO we give you a list of some of those countries with very low tuition costs with the possibility to apply for scholarships that act as a boost in your experience in Go study abroad.


If you are fluent in German, the great European power is a good choice to go to study.

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In Germany, since October 2014, universities have not charged tuition fees to any of their students, whether domestic or international, in undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.


In France, education is free at all levels, for both French and foreign students.

Its educational system contains more than 3,500 institutions of higher education with recognized excellence in the world. Even two of its universities are part of the top 100 universities in the world. Currently, France welcomes around 260,000 foreign students.

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In Latin America, Brazil is a great option to study if you are proficient in Portuguese. 30% of the country’s universities are public, and therefore free for both local and international students.

There are even scholarships as in the case of the Federal University of Latin American Integration whose main requirement is that the applicant is not Brazilian.


The Argentine public university is free and has practically no entry barriers, two uncommon characteristics in Latin America and the world, but contrary to the beliefs that this often generates, the proportion of foreign students is still low, 2, 6%.

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The so-called “cradle of Western civilization” is also a great option to study internationally at a low cost. In Greece, education is free, and financial aid is also available through the Government Scholarship Foundation.

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