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Women’s financial education is one area where there are still gaps in the economic freedom experienced by men. This is the scenario described in the results of a recent study conducted by the Latin American Development Bank, in which they analyzed data from countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, where it was concluded that, compared to men, who make financial decisions at home in 48% of cases, women who make The reins in this matter account for only 33%.

Given this reality, as CAF has indicated that in order to reduce economic disparities, as well as access to specialized education, a priority is to create financial products designed with a gender perspective, Platzi, the virtual education platform that already reaches 3 million students online, jointly With neobank, Nubank, to offer 200 scholarships to women who will be able to access over a thousand courses offered by their predecessor free of charge for six months.

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The idea is that those who are selected can take modules dictated by various CEOs and experts in economics so that they can be trained in financial education issues. The courses have been selected by Nubank and among them are: “Introduction to Financial Education”, “Personal Finance”, “Finance for Entrepreneurs” or “Practical Finance Course with Adults: Creating a Personal Budget”.

In order to participate in one of these 200 scholarships, interested women must be in Colombia or Mexico, be clients of Nubank and fill out the form available at this link. However, before performing this step, they must be trained by taking one of two Platzy courses at no cost: “Platzy Online Learning Strategies” or “Free Basic Programming Course”.

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