Sit-ins: the government will not rob the social plans of those who blocked the streets

Government Alberto Fernandez He ruled out a request by the Prime Minister of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Laretta, to withdraw social assistance from people who go out to block the streets.

“On Monday I said that we must stop putting pressure on the Argentines and I say it again: We must not block the streets. As the Minister of Social Development said: John Zappaleta.

The new spat between the city and the nation comes after a very tense week in which social organizations camped at 9 de Julio. The National Minister summoned the sit-in to prevent them from holding a new demonstration.

We redirect social investment toward production and work, linking plans to registered employment. “All our public policy is moving in this direction,” the minister said, and stated that he would hold a meeting with the organizations of the Beketera Unit on Thursday.

“We need everyone to be able to live together in peace in Argentina, which is on the path of reconstruction,” he added.

Scheduling an order Rodriguez Larita

Rodriguez Larita had said this morning: “They use the people, they bring them in a blackmailing group because if they don’t come they take the plan from them because the plan, instead of being run by the state, is run by the state.” Organizations that employ boys and women.”

“They put the boys as a shield so that they don’t get expelled and the boys should be in school and not camping,” he added, judging the Buenos Aires prime minister in indignation, adding that they were “cowards.”

Then Larita emphasized, “That’s why we ask the government to remove the social plans. The plans stipulate that the boys go to school and that the boys who were in the camp are not in school.

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