Simón Rodríguez explains how his BEME immigration scholarship allowed him to find a job and stay in Galicia – Galicia

The Secretariat for Migration of Xeral has held the new 250 Foreign Youth Excellence Scholarship (BEME) so that Galicians residing abroad or descendants of Galicians and Galicians can pursue a master’s degree at one of the three Galician universities next cycle 2022/23.

Xunta states that the application deadline ends on the 29th of this month of April.

Simon Rodriguez, a descendant of Galician and Galician in Venezuela, and specifically his grandmother and grandfather from Pontevedra, chose to apply for a BEME scholarship to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Southern California Lugo campus, allowing him to study and find a job in the sector in which he developed his training in Galicia . He asserts that he wants to stay and live here because he loves everything in this independent community: the language, the people, the customs, the way of life.

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