Significant Impact on Call for Registration Sessions for Progresar Scholarships 2022

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The CPE in detailed work with the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) promotes the Progresar Program, which aims to provide financial assistance to young people, from 16 to 24 years old, of various educational levels until they resume or complete their studies.

In this context, the Technical Educational Secretary, Alejandra Perez Ozuna, commented that approximately 1,500 students approached the different venues where the registration sessions were held, to access the Progresar Scholarships

Likewise, he noted that the greatest demand for scholarships is focused on the compulsory level, and in turn highlighted the importance of ensuring access to education, continuity and graduation for all young people from the regional education system.

On his part, the KKE Regional Coordinator of Institutional Relations, Alejandro Maidana, indicated that nearly 58 registrations were made at Progressor Point, Caleta Olivia Headquarters, on Thursday 7. While on April 8, a total of 137 people were registered in the various lines for this program.

At the same time, Maidana explained that “on Friday, 8 major wash-outs, 45 undergraduate scholarship registrations, 48 ​​mandatory application and 36 web-based registrations were carried out, as well as consultations of various kinds,” adding that there is a high demand for the progress of program in the mentioned city.

The scholarships target four groups of students:

Progression is mandatory to complete compulsory education for students between 16 and 24 years old.

– Progresar Superior program for students of higher education and university from the first to the fourth year;

– Nursing progression for those seeking a nursing degree. s

Work progress for vocational training.

The general requirements to register for the Progresar Scholarship 2022 are:

be Argentine / or a citizen / or by choice;

– The closing time, in the case of entering students, is between eighteen (18) and twenty-four (24) years, and in the case of students applying in the profession, up to thirty (30) years

– In the case of priority multidimensional vulnerability groups, both new and advanced, the age is extended to thirty-five (35) years for persons with children, those responsible for a single parent household, for trans people, refugees and persons who are members of indigenous communities and/or belong to Indigenous peoples, there is no age limit;

Your total income and that of your family group must be less than the sum of three minimum salaries, Vital and Mobile (SMVM). In April 2022, the limit was increased to $116,820.

Be an Intermediate-level graduate and you do not owe subjects at the time of registration.

To be a regular student in an educational institution.

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