She is 16 years old and is the first person from Mar del Plata to receive a scholarship from The New York Times

Dove Dove Live a dream. The teen in her junior year of high school at Instituto Modelo who decided to study social communication at UBA, received confirmation of an app she had decided to forget: the prestigious American newspaper. The New York Times Grant him a scholarship to participate in a ten-day journalism symposium Big City Writing: Reporting in New York City.(Writing the Big City: Reporting in New York), which was included in the program “The School of the New York Times”(New York Times School).

The daughter of a philosopher and history teacher, Paloma has received the support of her parents in each of her interests since she was a child “They always support us and encourage us to keep learning” reveals the young woman as she elaborates that writing has always been a concern in their lives. “I’ve been writing since I was very young,” says the young woman who has found a way to channel her voice in writing.

“I think I have found in literature the best form of expression for me. Writing is a way to express my voice‘, says the young woman, after emphasizing that as she grew up, she began to engage socially and politically, and in this growth, literature was a tool to guide her thoughts. Writing is everything, there I try to express what seems unfair to me, but also beauty,” she sums up amused while emphasizing that opinion notes top her list of preferences. I like to write opinion articles, It is a pleasure to unpack, to see, in as many ways as poems, stories or articles about something I find fascinating.‘,” says the young woman who decided last year to read the great classics of literature and was fascinated by Jane Austen, among others.

But not everything is written in the life of a young woman. “I go to school, I am very responsible for my studies. I also study languages, I think knowing languages ​​opens many doors for you, I watch branching series, I meet with my friends to discuss this series, I listen to music, I like Taylor Swift, for example, but I can’t listen to the music when I’m writing, it’s distracting, revealing between laughs.

“I always look for spaces that allow me to write. I spend entire afternoons researching, I am very determined.” When asked how she found out about the scholarship program for the prestigious New York Times, Paloma said that one Sunday last year “I was bored surfing.” Internet” and thought what the ultimate challenge could be “because there is time to download later” and thought of sending a text of his own to the editors of The New York Times. Then he entered the newspaper page and found a tab for the different programs offered by the newspaper school.

“There’s everything from extensive text seminars like the one I’ve signed up for and others on how to make a good podcast, for example,” he says. Therefore, she chose the most suitable option for her style, and bearing in mind that it might be difficult for her parents to pay for the seminar, she signed up for the scholarship program. “So I had to go through two very arduous and very competitive selections,” says the teen eagerly awaiting the calendar to celebrate July to travel and fulfill her dream. “I still can’t believe it, sometimes I pressure myself to see if it’s real,” she says.

According to Paloma’s account, during the ten days of the seminar, applicants will receive the first tools of a journalism profession. “My dream is to be able to live with words and news,” she said, but to take the first step in her promising and budding career, Paloma needs some help. is that the scholarship covers accommodation and the course, but the sections must be borne by students. “The situation is a bit tricky, so we have opened an account with the alias (AYUDA.PALOMA.VIAJE) for those who can and want to help me. Solve what is missing,” he explains.

In 2021, Paloma won the literary competition “From Anne Frank to the Present Day”, organized by the Anne Frank Argentina Center for the Literary Story “Ojos muy Abierta”. “It is touching for us as parents that Paloma finds her own voice and that she can make the world hear,” said Silvana, her mother.

The young student from Mar del Plata, who is only 16 years old, continues to make history and has already crossed the borders of Argentina, after being summoned by the prestigious US newspaper, The New York Times, which will have to travel to New York. York in the coming months.

It is worth noting that the high school student starred last year with her story “Ojos Wide Open”, where she won the literary competition “From Anne Frank to Our Days”, organized by the Argentine Anne Frank Center.

Thanks to his distinctive style in his articles, he has since made a huge impact on local and national media. In addition, she has been called upon to write newspaper articles and other texts for various written, audio and video media in the United States.

In 2022 she already received a call from the American newspaper The New York Times, awarded among more than 4 thousand applicants to attend a journalism course called “Writing the Big City: Reporting in New York City”, (Writing the Great City: Reporting in New York), Under her proposal “The New York Times School”, to be held in the original city for publication next July.

“The impossible became possible,” Paloma said. “I have to pressure myself to remember that this is not a dream: my career as a journalist begins.”

“It is touching for us as parents that Paloma finds her own voice and can make it heard for the world,” said Silvana, her mother, adding that “her family goes to great lengths to make this trip possible. Which is why we opened a bank account. We will be forever grateful to anyone who wants And he can cooperate with Paloma.”

The alias in case someone wants to collaborate is: AYUDA.PALOMA.VIAJE

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