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The The Ministry of Environment (Minam), by National Service for Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp), will award 19 scholarships to professionals from across the country who contribute to nature conservation and development spaces through its Third Priority Research Scholarship competition in protected natural areas (Palestinian National Authority).

Together, this equates to an amount of 98,000 Sudanese pounds. In this regard, the Head of the Sector, Modesto Montoya, highlighted this initiative and pointed out that the current educational systems must respond to the demands of the global trend and focus on sustainable development. In harmony with the environment.

“From Maenam, we encourage and encourage scientific research and technological innovation that allows the implementation of clean processes of use, production and consumption for the benefit of our ecosystems,” he said. He added that scholarships have an approach aimed at making better decisions based on the generation of knowledge.

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This incentive targets undergraduate and postgraduate graduates in the country. The winners will receive a grant to develop research on priority topics that contribute to the generation of technical information for the effective management of protected natural areas and the sustainable use of their natural resources.

The innovation of this year’s competition is her field of intervention. This edition is national in scope and covers all ANPs. This field has ten scholarships in the amount of S/50,000 (S/5,000 each). For the Paracas National Conservation Area, there are three scholarships in the amount of S/18,000 (S/6,000 each); The latter is in coordination with the Paracas Fund.

In addition, the development of research that expands knowledge about the impacts on the ecosystem from last January’s oil spill on our coast and possible solutions to this environmental emergency will be considered.

For this field, six scholarships will be allocated in the amount of S/30,000 (S/5000 each), in the Reserved Area of ​​Ancón and the Islets Group of Fishermen in the Guaneras, Islets and Points National Reserve System.


  • The above competition is funded by GEF Guaneras Trust Fund, Paracas Fund, PAN III Project and Sernanp, and has the support of Profonanpe.
  • To find out more, you can access this link:

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