Sergio and the Global DiDi technology platform come together to offer up to 100 scholarships in innovation and economic technology

  • Partners registered on the platform and their children will have access to discounts of up to 50 or 30 percent to study a bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Economic Technology – ITE.

Bogotá, April 13, 2022. The Sergio Arboleda University Advance in her academic goal of training World’s Professionals 4.0. On this occasion, presents a Scholarship Plan For a 50% and 30% discount for the education of 100 registered members who use the DiDi technology app in Colombia, and/or their children to study the institution’s Bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Economic Technology – ITE.

This initiative is a new bet sergio It contains a curriculum with a combined or mixed methodology (face-to-face or remote face-to-face method), supported by technology platforms with a global impact, such as: DidiAnd UniverseAnd Ideas for change s multi collaborator
It includes the use of advanced technologies such as big dataAnd machine learning And Artificial intelligencewith the aim of training comprehensive professionals, with components from economics, exact sciences, computational sciences and humanities.

“The Bachelor’s degree in Innovation, the first in the country, trains data scientists from micro and computational sciences inspired by the innovative and creative spirit of the collaborative economy and the technology platform economy. To achieve this, it uses a common “hybrid” method (with the help of telepresence with special platforms for international classrooms) Face to face in university classrooms. In this way, motivated youth from any part of the country or the world can access quality education that matches the training needs demanded by the Fourth Industrial Revolution”Carlos Eduardo Meneses, Vice Dean of the School of Economics at sergio.

The course takes eight semesters and has several agreements with universities: Florida International, Autonomous University of Mexico; for the Congress of Argentina; Catholic La Plata and Griffith in Australia, among others.

Interested in applying to Scholarship Plan They can access discounts of 50 or 30 percent, depending on the situation. In order to maintain this scholarship throughout the degree, the student must maintain a cumulative semester average equal to or greater than 3.8 at 50% off s 3.6 for 30% off.

We believe in and promote this type of initiative because we are convinced that innovation and technology are the driving force behind the development of the cities of the future. These traits, which are part of our DNA, are the basis of the cooperative economy, a model that reduces the barriers to accessing various services and generating incomesaid Jorge Ordonez, DiDi’s Director of Operations for Colombia.

The process contemplating this feature begins with a pre-registration for a public meeting by zooming in, where the peculiarities of the initiative will be explained; After that, you have to register and schedule each of them Admission interview. This meeting and social networking will be conducted via email.

Criteria for selecting scholarship recipients:

  • Belonging to the community of members registered on the DiDi Technology Platform or being the child of a member using the Application. (This information will be verified directly with the application).
  • The accumulated score on the Saber 11 test (30%).
  • Saber test score of 11 in the quantitative domain (20%).
  • Individual interview score (50%).

Once the process is complete, selected applicants will be able to begin their studies at Sergio Arboleda University, in the 2022-2 semester. in addition to:

  • They cannot be enrolled in another academic program at the university or be an active student after May 28, 2021.
  • The grant is for the sole and exclusive use of the beneficiary. Therefore it is personal and non-transferable.
  • The discount applies only to the undergraduate degree to which this call is aspiring (Innovation and Economic Technology – ITE).
  • No internal or external homogeneity is allowed.
  • The discount is not cumulative.
  • A student receiving benefits must complete 32 hours of social work each semester.

Those interested in signing up can do so here.

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