Seeking Laetitia Ortega Scholarships for Women Victims of Violence

Economic support will be for them to continue their studies, as well as for their children

Chihuahua, chih. Deputy Morena Letizia Ortega Mainez presented an initiative to the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of Social Development to install a scholarship program for women victims of violence.

With the support of the Council of Morena, the representative seeks to reform the state law on the right of women to a life free from violence, so that both subordination is harmonized and programs to award individual scholarships to women who are victims of violence and / or in dangerous conditions. continent.

These scholarships will be directed primarily to allow their economic dependents to develop basic educational courses and, where applicable, secondary and higher education.

She explained that women who are subjected to violence in different ways have consequences that are reflected in many aspects of their lives. Violence can cause depression, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, and suicide attempts.

“It has been proven that sexual violence, especially in childhood, increases tobacco and drug consumption,” he stressed.

In addition, minors who grow up in families where domestic violence occurs, usually experience behavioral and emotional disturbances that can be reflected in their adult lives.

In the state of Chihuahua, as of the end of February 2022, the Specialized Public Prosecutor for Women’s Affairs has consolidated more than 2,000 files of crimes against women, and domestic violence was the main crime, which in 2021 counted 12,545 research files.

“Women must not be re-victimized, but on the contrary, the state must guarantee their rights so that they have an actual possibility to complete their basic and secondary education and, when necessary, their higher education because it is a result of the violation, and the legislator said that a large part of it had to stop studying, which affects significantly for its overall development.

She indicated that the initiative seeks to promote and strengthen the full exercise of women’s right to achieve personal and professional improvement in their educational courses, by granting them specific scholarships.

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