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technology company my world and educational technology Digital House You have more than available 90 Scholarships in Cali For young people interested in studying technology jobs.

It’s a program Your future giveaway code Which aims to encourage equal opportunities in the information technology industry and promote female applicants.

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The profession that can be taken with this feature is Certified Technical Developer, It is dictated by Digital House and designed to bring about rapid recruitment of thousands of young Latin Americans into the IT industry.

This new training proposal is committed to a new academic concept based on agile methodologies and with strong practical guidance so that the student will gain experienceGlobant mentioned.

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Scholarships awarded are equivalent to 95% of the course cost And if you want to know more details about how to apply, click here.

The technology industry is growing exponentially, creating hundreds of jobs every month in Colombia alone. This program seeks to be a response to this demand and that is why we need talents who are willing to learn about technology and make an impact in this sector.said Andres Giolito, Globant Country Director in Colombia.

Through these scholarships, we seek to continue working to advance the integration of women into the industry. We are excited about the potential of this program to be profoundly transformative, and to generate tangible, long-term impact.‘,” added Patricia Pommes, Director of Operations at Globant.

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