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The acetex Just announced the opening of a call with 40 Scholarships To study, from September of next year, at universities in Hungary.

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Applications to advance studies Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees must be obtained before January 17, 2022.

This call covers a wide range of areas of knowledge in this country in the heart of Europe that are a benchmark for high-quality education, as well as for a friendly and safe everyday life.

Bachelor’s and doctoral programs last four years and master’s programs last from one and a half to two years. All studies will be conducted in person at institutions of higher education in that country.

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The Government of Hungary will allocate resources to cover tuition costs, accommodation expenses, a monthly stipend (according to the academic program) and medical insurance for the winners of these scholarships. The offer, worth mentioning, does not cover airfare.

The registration phase consists of two registration phases, which must be completed before January 17, 2022.

Interested parties should apply online through the Hungarian government platform at and, in parallel, also apply through the Icetex website at the following links:

• Undergraduate Scholarships:
• Scholarships for master’s degree:
• PhD Scholarships:

Icetex recommends reading in detail the information published on web portals.

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To find out about the current offer of scholarships abroad available through the institute, those interested should refer to the following link:

In this way, we ensure that applicants have clarity about the requirements, pre-selection criteria and the steps they must follow to successfully complete their application.

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