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By allocating 160,000 million pesos, the University Authority for Management and Decisions for Science, Technology and Innovation (OCAD) yesterday approved four calls for “Biennial Plan 2021-2022 Science for All“.

This aims to support young researchers, the economic revitalization of San Andreas, and the social appropriation of science, technology, innovation and human capital formation. We tell you what these calls consist of and how to be part of them.

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Two invitations to educationConnecting young researchers and innovators in the regions

To promote the scientific career of Colombian youth, Scholarships – Internships will be offered to students who have completed 70% of their undergraduate credits or who have graduated 3 years ago maximum. In addition, they will receive 2 of the current statutory monthly wage (SMMLV) for a

This initiative will have a pool of resources in the amount of $40,000 million, through the departmental CTeI allocation and the 2021-2022 SGR-CT allocation.

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“From the national government we continue to enhance the productivity of young people through the generation of products in CTeI. Likewise, we encourage and develop calls for young people to contribute attention to the problems, needs or opportunities of the regions”, emphasized the Minister
Science, Technology and Innovation, Tito Jose Christian

PhD training in regions

This call aims to support the training of 600 physicians across the country, to meet regional demands in research, development and innovation and in the environment and sustainable development.

For this initiative, the Ministry of Science Will allocate a bag of resources from
60 thousand million dollars, to be distributed in the six regions of the country.

Terms and references for calls can be found at
Through the page as of December 10,

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The Bioeconomy of San Andres and Providencia

To promote the revitalization of the archipelago, 10,000 million dollars will be allocated
They will work to develop prototypes of biotechnologies or products to prevent coastal erosion, unconventional energy sources, basic sanitation and access to drinking water.

Likewise, innovation for ecosystem restoration through the use of local biodiversity and biotechnology will be encouraged.

Social customization and information management for CTeI in regions

This initiative seeks to promote CteI . network For the National Science, Technology and Innovation System and for this reason, support will be provided to 40 science centers
recognized, through a museographic strategy that allows them to generate resources for at least five years.

With the invitations approved, the goal is to create 400 direct jobs and 800 indirect jobs; Creation of a network for the Museum of Natural and Cultural History of Colombia; Supported 600 people with high-level training (PhD), 1085 young researchers and 40 non-accredited scientific centers.

Similarly, in the OCAD session, $23 billion was approved to strengthen higher education institutions and technical professional technical institutions.

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