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Argentina Egg is open to all interested parties Learn programming from scratchwith a 7-week practical course, from Monday to Thursday between 7 and 10 pm to “Development of algorithmic logical reasoning behind applications, acquisition The foundations of being able to start programming in any language s Create your own program.

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The course is based on “Learn the logic of collective programming” By collaborating in the default simultaneous mode with students from all over Latin America, that is, every time you enter the class, you will be redirected to a video call room with your new classmates, organized through artificial intelligence according to each person’s progress.

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between the Course content They find each other:

– Understand what the algorithm is. Program features. construction steps.
– Types of instructions. identifiers. variables and constants. statement.
Control structures: sequential and selective structures. Simple, double and multiplayer. nested conditionals.
– Repetitive structures: while, do while, stop.
Subprograms: Jobs. Acknowledgment and summons. procedures.
Variable range. passing parameters. recursion.
Matrices: vectors and matrices. Use in subprograms.

And an integrative final project called “The Dr. Blum Challenge, which consists in creating a simple program that applies the laws of logic, algorithms and programming based on the search for the affected gene in DNA.

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Finally, the Terms of access to the scholarship be:

Have a minimum class attendance of 80%
– A computer connected to the Internet.
– Availability Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 10pm, as they are live virtual lessons.

To apply for the scholarship, you must enter the following link, complete the form with your data and enter the code: BECAPR.

The Registration deadline Until April 30th.


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