Scholarships to study English: for the best Icfes in Colombia

Every year about 650 thousand people, The majority of students from A-calendar schools in the country take the State Saber 11 exams, which are a requirement for high school graduation and entry into higher education.

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However, not all of the owners are outstanding performers. By 2019, only 18.2 percent of students in Colombia had developed the four skills of the Saber 11 exams. Additionally, The average student score in 2019 was 248, less than half of all possible points on the exam, which is 500.

Searching for students to improve English, encouraging those with outstanding results in Icfes, the Intelligent Language Academy, a company with 24 years in the language teaching market, New scholarships will be awarded to the best Icfes from calendar A and B schools nationwide, benefiting hundreds of students who want to learn a second language.

We want to reward those schools that have been preparing their students for years to provide them with the knowledge to face what college life and work is like later. The presence of a second language is the possibility of opening many doors both at home and abroad. As well as for students who represented institutions in Saber 2021 exams to certify their academic level.” confirms Mario Cetina, Commercial Director of Smart

The schools that will benefit from these scholarships will sign a strategic alliance with the Academy where full scholarships will be awarded to the best students in each school in Saber and The scholarship percentage is up to 50% for students who wish to enter a face-to-face program or a virtual course, depending on coverage. These two allowances will be granted at the same time.

Students who actually access the programs will do so through a language-taught course called Smart Online. A course that combines independent learning with the benefit of teacher-led demonstration classes once to twice a weekas well as customized tutorials and many other interactive and educational activities.

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All schools, regardless of city, that would like to receive both scholarship benefits for the best ICFES andScholarships of up to 50% for the entire student community All you have to do is call PBX 3009125500 or email us at For this reason, they also invited students from Smart to tell their teachers to apply to the school for these scholarships.

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