Scholarships to study Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Hungary

did you know Hungary Among the countries with the highest number of Individual Nobel Prize laureates And it was the stage for the development of many discoveries such as vitamin C, and inventions such as the Rubik’s cube?

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The Hungarian experience will be an opportunity for Colombians who apply in the calls opened by the government of this European country through Icetex that will become a reality By awarding 40 scholarships to Colombian students.

the opportunity It has a variety of knowledge areas for on-site bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies. In this country in the heart of Europe that is a benchmark for high-quality education, with a friendly and safe everyday life.

Studies It will be held in September 2022, personally in institutions of higher education in this country. Programs will have For 4 years for undergraduate studies, from 1.5 to 2 years for a master’s degree and 4 years for a doctorate.

For this scholarship offer, Government of Hungary Allocates resources to cover tuition costs, accommodation expenses, monthly stipend (according to the academic program), and medical insurance. Please note that this offer does not cover airfares.

The registration stage has two stages of registration, which must be completed before January 17, 2022. Interested parties should apply online through the Hungarian government platform at and, in parallel, also apply through the Icetex website at the following links:

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