Scholarships to Study Abroad: This is how you can refer to current scholarships on the Icetex – Education – Life page

Icetex is an entity that is part of the Colombian government, and among other educational issues, it is responsible for providing international scholarships that come to the country.

If you are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree with a foreign university, here we tell you about the options that are currently available.

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Until September 24, 2020, Icetex has 6 active scholarships to study at foreign universities. It should be clarified that some are taught face-to-face and some are virtual.

These are the options:

– government of singapore, In the field of management, it has an innovations program in government. The deadline for submitting documents is September 25th. Another option with this Asian country is in the field of educational sciences, with the Trends, Problems and Opportunities in Early Childhood Education program. The deadline for submitting documents for this second scholarship is October 6. Both are hypothetical methods and only cover the registration value.

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The Swiss government Have a research study, PhD or post-doctoral program. The deadline for submitting documents is October 19. This scholarship is face-to-face and covers a return ticket to the country of origin, plus a stipend of approximately $326 for accommodation expenses.

It should be clarified that for the option in Switzerland, “priority is given to research in priority areas for the development of the country and for studies that do not exist in Colombia,” Icetex reports. However, it was clarified that any region could be selected.

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– Atlantis University, In Florida (US), two scholarships are available for virtual studies. One is the study of English as a second language and the other aims to obtain master’s degrees in different fields (Business Administration, Hotel Management, Information Technology). The The deadline for sending documents to either option is October 9. These scholarships only cover the cost of tuition.

The European Institute of Postgraduate Studies offers master’s degrees and specializations in different fields in Spain (some of them: specializations in finance, human resources and digital talent development, master’s degrees in digital marketing and digital education and pedagogical development). The option is to study online and the deadline for submitting documents is October 5th. This scholarship only covers the tuition cost of the program.

There are four study abroad scholarships and one offers the possibility to study abroad or in Colombia.

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Another scholarship offered by the Mariano Ospina Perez Foundation is. It is intended for the field of agricultural sciences and is intended for people interested in conducting research on food safety issues. You can choose a university in Colombia or abroad. The deadline for submitting documents is December 10 and it only covers the cost of registration.

Finally, the last option, not the academic scholarship, is the housing “scholarship”. It is granted through the Government of Colombia, so that the Mayor of Colegio Miguel Antonio Caro, in Madrid, is the domicile of persons who wish to study a postgraduate degree in Spain. The application date is until October 2, and as we explained earlier, it is for accommodation.

Miguel Antonio Caro

This is the accommodation that scholarship holders can stay in.


Google Maps screenshot

Spanish residence hall

The school is located near Seneca Avenue in Madrid.


Google Maps screenshot

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For more information, you can go to the Icetex page and click on the “Scholarships” option.

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