Scholarships to study abroad, offers Esteban Villegas – El Sol de Durango

Total openness with student leadership to fulfill commitments with this sector as well as implement scholarship management Studying abroadand provide all the impetus for the development of committed artistic, cultural and sports expressions Esteban Villegas VillarrealMeeting with the candidate of the “Va por Durango” coalition Young by Santiago Papaschiaro.

Villegas Villarreal confirmed that he will support in an important way Regions in which they develop YoungTo train them and transform them into committed, respectful and valued citizens.

He mentioned it at the time student He bets to sing along with his big friend Lauro, so he knows the sacrifice that’s involved.

Applicant for state governorEveryone is good at something, you just have to give them the tools, and everyone who grows in these aspects will be so best ones and the person who draws, sings, dances, exercises, etc., will always have good results in the future.”

While meeting with young people, each other private school leaders They noted that many young people get scholarships and parents make an effort to keep them in class, so Villegas also promised to support these private schools, given that they have the equipment, Scholarships Like public is supported.

Esteban Villegas confirmed that he works in a Project with businessmen from DurangoThey will bet the new generations with scholarships to study abroad. It is envisaged to start with a group of 100 young people from Durango from across the state, “These young people are going to study in Foreigner And then we will ask them to return to Durango, so that they can implement what they have learned here to contribute to the development of the entity.”

Finally, with regard to young leaders, he promised to be Telecommunications Continuing with them, since the commitments they made themselves with the students They will have to make it happen in their government, after calling them to maintain that energy and courage, while advising them to take every opportunity and rise from situations that make them fall.

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