Scholarships: The government will implement the tax scholarship program | Economie

For the national government audience to comment on a draft decree implementing in the state a tax grant program aimed at benefiting talented athletes or sports reserves

The draft decree states that natural or legal persons paying income taxes and supplemental taxes may enter into agreements with Coldports to allocate scholarships and maintenance to talented athletes or sports reserves, which they will receive in exchange for tradable titles to pay income tax.

It is established that Coldports will organize, within a period not exceeding six (6) months from the issuance of this Act, the mechanism for selecting, evaluating and monitoring the beneficiary athletes, as well as the criteria for the inclusion and exclusion of players. The program and technical sports standards applied to the concept of maintenance.

Among the requirements for the issuance of the title are the implementation of the agreement, the assignment of the scholarship to the beneficiary athlete, and the certificate issued by the supervisor of the agreement.

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