Scholarships in Germany for Cuban trainers and teachers: this is how you can apply

From Germany, at the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Leipzig, they launched until September this year an international call for postgraduate studies, designed for sports coaches, both men and women, as well as for special needs Physics of Education teachers. countries like Cuba. We tell you how to apply.

The scholarship is a form of undergraduate studies for continuing training; The courses are held twice a year at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Leipzig. Next year will be from February 27 to July 31, 2023 They are intended for some specialties, so pay attention.

Currently, the program includes the following sports disciplines and disciplines: football, handball, basketball, volleyball, athletics, swimming, table tennis, physical preparation and sports for people with disabilities. During the course, all classes are translated into Spanish, as well as other languages, such as French and English.

Registration deadline is 1st of next septemberSo you have time to get ready. Send your request to: [email protected]. You should know that you must have completed your undergraduate studies in sports with a corresponding degree presentation, or with a similar and equivalent qualification.

You must prove that you are engaged in professional sports. It can be a teacher, physical education teacher, educator or also as an athletic trainer, counsellor, coordinator, or similar field.

The International Coaches Course (ITK) is part of the international cultural and educational policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. It has been funded by the German Foreign Office since 1991.

Similarly, the state of Saxony contributes to the funding from 2021, through the Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism. Since then, more than 5,500 coaches from 150 countries have had the opportunity to participate in it. For more information about applications, click this link.

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