Scholarships in Cartagena: More than 170 scholarships are offered to public school students | Cartagena

The Cartagena Mayor’s Office, through the District Education Secretariat (SED) and the Bicentennial and Universal Funds, 177 students who graduated from public schools or from official registration were selected to be awarded the same number of scholarships for higher education.

According to the SED Office of Higher Education, 121 Bicentennial Scholarships and 56 Comprehensive Scholarships were awarded To pursue university jobs during this first semester of the year.

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The total investment for free higher education studies for these students is 3747 million pesos. It was distributed as follows: 1,217 million pesos in comprehensive scholarships and 2,530 million pesos for bicentennial scholarships.

“We continue to work on complete pathways so that our students get free education from preschool to university and can break the shackles of poverty and education inequality,” said Olga Elvira Acosta Amil, Minister of Education for the District.

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The list of winners can be found on the same website of the Ministry of Education or by entering the link:

In 2021, the district administration awarded a total of 387 scholarships to the same number of officially registered graduate school students with a total investment of 5607 million pesos.

These scholarships were awarded as follows:

Grant 302 two hundred years. Investment: 3,189 million pesos.

55 Comprehensive Scholarships For postgraduate studies offered to students from rural, island, black, Afro, Blinkera, Indigenous, victims of armed conflict and people with disabilities. Investment: 1,168 million pesos.

30 Excellence Scholarships For the best Icfes from the IEO in Cartagena. The investment amounted to 1,250 million pesos.

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